Presenter, How to tell if presenter is in locked mode in AS2

Hello everyone,

I have recently fallen in love with the SDK, I have been using it a bit.

I dislike the play/pause button, since it is pointless in my presentation, since I have nothing to play/pause.

I created my own forward and back buttons, using the SDK, which I put on top of my presentation.

My only problem is how to figure out whether or not the presenter is locked.

I don't want people to be able to use my forward and back buttons if the presenter is locked, but I can't seem to figure out how to tell.

There are things to find volume, like ArtAPI.GetVolume(), but nothing for lock that I can find.

The only way I could do it is to get slide count and see which slides I wanted to lock and manually add them into the code, though that would be a pain.

If anyone knows a simpler way to do this, let me know!



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Christopher Davis

Hey guys, so if anyone could help me, that'd be great.

I'd like to know if there is code to find if the presenter is locked and a PlayNext() that takes me in the correct order I arranged my slides in.

Also, if there is a way to advance slides in an engage interaction with the SDK, that'd be great!



Paul Kornman

There's a <navlocked> property within the XML in data >> presentation.xml for each slide.

i.e.. "true" when the slide is locked and  false" when it is not.

So, you could use your AS2 code to find and read the XML file and go from there. (somewhat tricky)

However, since you already have your own navigation buttons, maybe you could make your own navigation structure in AS2 that mimics the Slide Properties from Presenter.

For example, create a list (or property list) to represent each slide (e.g. {back: 4, next:7, locked:true} ) and keep those in a list indexed by slide number. The forward button would be disabled when "locked" is true, and when enabled would jump to slide "next".

My two cents,

Paul K.

Christopher Davis

Thank you Paul,

I ended up doing something similar for the property list.

I really only have one slide that I need to go to or from that aren't in sequential order, and that is the main menu, so I have a list of what slides go forward to it and what slides go back.

I was just interested in whether there was a way to do it with less AS2 code, since I'm relatively new to Flash, and the articulate way of doing it is simpler than inserting code.

I'll look into reading the XML file.

Do you know anything about advancing engage interactions, though?



Paul Kornman

Do you mean, for example, if I have a "labelled graphic" interaction, I'd be able to switch from graphic to graphic outside the engage window (as if I had clicked on a graphic or the next/previous arrows)?

I don't know anything about that. I'm fairly confident that those kinds of navigation controls are built into the engage interaction itself and are not meant to be controlled externally.

Depending on the type of interaction you're talking about, you might be able to make your own in Flash and then you would then be able to control it externally (if you design it that way).

- Paul K.