Presenter Media Subscription

Has anyone purchased a subscription to PresenterMedia?

I came across their site recently. They apparently have a special for a one-year membership at $59.95 (regularly $99.95...and there's a 2-year special as well.)

Their "perpetual use" terms: you can keep using anything even after your subscription runs out. How does that compare to other companies?

If you've subscribed, what do you think of their "stuff?"


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Paul S.


Since nobody else has chimed in yet I will. I haven't subscribed yet but have been following them for a while. Even suggested a couple of animation ideas, which they kindly created. Their stuff works in Storyline and Powerpoint. My only problem is the Pillsbury Doughboy looking character they feature. He's all over the net. Good for them, bad for you trying to make something original. Don't think we could go wrong for a subscription at that price though. I just don't have a need for it at this time but some of their stuff is way too cool not to have

PS: We do miss Jeanette, don't we?