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Tim Slade

Hi Alli,

I've seen a few Articulate reviews from Craig, and he's always overly critical of Articulate (in my opinion). There was one last year on Studio '13 (I think) that got pretty heated. 

As for the veracity of this particular review, I completely disagree. I don't see how Storyline 2 is any closer to being like PowerPoint or Studio than it already was. Does it mimic the use of motion paths in PowerPoint? Yes, but that's been a long requested feature - since the first day Storyline was released! On that note, Storyline takes motion paths to a whole new level with relative start position and the use of triggers.

The only other feature that mimics Studio, is the form view and slide view tabs in the question editor (which I wouldn't really call it a change since you still had form view and slide view in SL1 - it was just represented in a new window). 

Besides the two things I mentioned above, no other major features have changed in SL2 that would justify comparing even more to Studio or PowerPoint. I could go on for days.

  • Can you add an interactive slider to change the state of an object or adjust a variable in PowerPoint/Studio? Nope - because you don't have sliders, states or variables in PowerPoint/Studio.
  • Can you rearrange the interface in PowerPoint/Studio? Nope - because you don't have dockable panels in PowerPoint/Studio.
  • Can you apply transitions to layers in PowerPoint/Studio? Nope - because you don't have layers in PowerPoint/Studio.
  • Can you apply event triggers to move an object in PowerPoint/Studio? Nope - because you don't have triggers in PowerPoint/Studio.
  • Can you make an object move in a new direction based on it's current position on the screen? Nope - because you don't have the option for a relative start position in PowerPoint/Studio.
  • Can you create an event trigger based on the position of a cue point? Nope - because you don't have cue points OR a timeline in PowerPoint/Studio.

Perhaps I'm just the wrong person to ask - I only just finished writing a book on Storyline 2 last week.

Tim Slade

I posted the below response to him on LinkedIn (which is being held for moderation). We'll see if he approves it.

"Very interesting. I have to say that I'm confused by some of your comments and I look forward to reading your full review. I can only think of two major areas that mimic features that you have in PowerPoint/Studio. One being motion paths (which has been a highly requested features since Storyline was first released), and the other being the slide view/form view tabs in the question editor (which I wouldn't really call a major change, since slide view and form view both existed in Storyline 1). 

I also can't think of any Storyline 1 features that have been made simpler, less useful or more like Studio in Storyline 2. 

When you consider all of the major new features, like: the newly designed interface, dockable panels, sliders, motion paths with relative start point, slide layer transitions and the newly added triggers - there really isn't anything that has made Storyline 2 more like PowerPoint/Studio. If anything, it's less like PowerPoint and Studio."

Steve Flowers

If you were to open Storyline 2, look from corner to corner, close Storyline 2 and go look at PowerPoint - yes, I can see how someone might draw this conclusion. Maybe he has a hidden point somewhere between the lines?

It's still Storyline and not PPT / Studio. Different products for different development preferences and for producing solutions to slightly different problems. Not that there aren't things that earn a critique in SL2... However, Craig's critique of the product doesn't even come close to presenting a rational case, in my opinion.