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Apr 29, 2019

I have a custom previous button on each slide- do I have to customize the trigger for each and every slide in order for the learner to be able to go backward in the course in a linear manner? There are some really old threads on this but it still seems to be an issue.

UPDATE: I was able to fix this by putting all slides in one scene as jumping between scenes seemed to be where the issue was. Is there no way to keep the slides in separate scenes and not have to customize each previous button?

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Judy Nollet

Like the Back button in a browser, the "go to Previous slide" trigger returns the user to whatever slide they were on before they came to the current slide. Thus, if they go through the course in a linear manner, such a trigger would let them go back through the course in a linear manner. That's true even if the course contains multiple scenes -- as long as NEXT goes from the end of one scene to the beginning of the following scene.

However, if a course Menu and/or other buttons let them skip around and access slides in a non-linear fashion, then any PREV button would have to be customized if you want it to only go backward in a linear fashion.

Jerry Beaucaire

The loop may be caused by how you END particular scenes and the state you put the slide in when someone returns to the slide a second time.

More often now, I am using the "return to initial state" so that when someone returns with a PREV button the slide resets and starts at the beginning of the slide.  Especially if I employ some cool exit animations at the end of the slide.

If your course is behaving oddly in this regard, post up the course so we can take a look.  


Nadia Zaid

Hi Jerry,

I worked around the issue by popping everything in one scene. The courses are graphic novels so its helpful to have each "page" in a separate scene. There are 3 more courses just like this one coming down the pipeline so I will try your above suggestions. If I run into the same issue I'll post here for assistance.

I appreciate the tips!

Nadia Zaid

I got the previous navigation to work without having to move everything to once scene so I thought I'd pop in here and share in case it helps someone who comes upon this thread down the road. 

Per Jerry's suggestion, I set all slides to "reset to initial" and set the previous triggers to jump to a specific slide (the last one in the prev scene) instead of using the trigger that jumps to the previous scene.

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