Previous slide issues

Has anyone had this happen? I have knowledge check slides where I removed the next and previous buttons. They have to click a submit button I created to see if they get it correct and to move forward with the next slide (trying to ensure the answer before moving on). The last question sends them to the next section (new scene) but if they hit the back button it takes them to the last knowledge check question but the next and previous buttons now appear. How do I fix that?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Joel

when you return to a quiz slide SL thinks you want to Review it so adds the Prev/Next buttons so the user can navigate.  

To fix: On the slide master that the quiz slides are using set these triggers:

Change state of Next button to hidden when timeline starts

Change state of Prev button to hidden when timeline starts

So if you have a review button on the result slide for the user to review the quiz slides you'll need to make sure you have custom nav buttons to they can navigate through the slides - otherwise they get to the first one and then can't continue.