Print and/or Email Feedback in Storyline 2

Hello! I have been searching the files and have seen all the most recent (a few years ago) feedback on this topic. I would love to do this and have the variable defined and the text captured on a feedback slide. I have repackaged some javascript code I have found on this site but just can't make it work.

My problems are:

1. I can generate an email to the desired sender but the subject line and contents are completely blank.

2. I have tried the print option but have no luck at all.

I have heard that this type of script does not throw a fault like others, so not being a coder I have no idea what the issues may be. About exhausted on this topic short of taking a coding class. I have attached screen shots but would be happy to provide the entire story file or steal code that someone could correct for me with the right variables. HELP!

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