Print ANYTHING in StoryLine

Jul 10, 2017

By adding a new tab in the player properties panel and assigning it to execute the "window.print();" JavaScript, you can allow your participants to print any/every slide in your StoryLine projects including "Notes" or "Certificate" slides! No need to create a complex JavaScript course certificate solution, simply build a beautiful slide and let your users print it directly from the StoryLine player!

For SL 3 and 360 users, you can also move, reformat, hide, and reveal the button so you can take control over what users can print.

I've included the screen shots I used in the video in the attached Word document along with the JavaScript code snippets and an SL3 .story file.

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Marek Jędryka

Hi Owen,

Yes, I am using the modern player. However it did work few months ago, and now I can't see specific buttons in the developer tools so I can't even check if the JavaScript uses the right button names. Do you have any idea how to tackle this? I tried different browsers, but it makes no difference.

Kristin Hatcher

Hi all, I just stumbled across this thread and really appreciate the Javascript to print any page. Now that a recent update to Storyline has "broken" some Javascript, will this still work? Or are there updates we'd need to make to allow it to work? I had originally updated to the latest version of Storyline, but had to roll it back because I need to use some Javascript that has JQuery in it. 

Jon Wakeman

Hi Owen,

I wonder if you might elaborate on your comments in the posted video at about 2:17 where you mention using the print button to capture learner notes throughout the story using the variables.  I have that situation with "essay" questions that I'd like to assemble at the end of the lesson for print.....  Could you help?

Melanie Connolly

I would also really like to see that functionality! I have a bunch of tables with input variable areas for the user, but would like to be able to have them print out the table with their responses intact. I'd also need to print the individual slide layers, and haven't found a way to do all this quite yet. Overall, this is my first time using the program and I'm absolutely astounded at how easy it is to use!


" mention using the print button to capture learner notes throughout the story using the variables. I have that situation with "essay" questions that I'd like to assemble at the end of the lesson for print..... Could you help?"

Several ways to approach this but my suggestion would be store the user input in a variable and make the print a 2 step process.

  1. Have them validate their input by displaying the content of the variables in a lighbox slide and 
  2. put the print functionality in the lightbox slide.

Unlike applications like PowerPoint that essentially create documents. StoryLine essentially creates a web page that plays your content. Unfortunately, there isn't a way for a web page to print anything other than what is visible on the page at the time it prints. So, either the user needs to print each page individually or.... I would suggest creating a pdf version of your course and adding it to the course resources. The user can then print or save the pdf from the course as a single file.

Michelle Vilamaa

I have been researching the ability of learners to print their responses to questions throughout a course as a reference at the end of the course.  I am really hoping this is a solution for me using SL3.  The question I have is that the course is a single slide video with layers that trigger interactivity at certain points on the timeline.  Is it possible to have the button appear at a specific point on the timeline during the video on a single slide?  Will it screenshot a video?


Thanks for any help!