Print out and Email template

Hi All

I've been working on a reflection form to include in lessons where users can type their response to a question and then either print or email it (e.g "tell you manager how you are going to apply what you have learned to you day to day activities.").

This is very much based on the e-learning brothers article found at here so big thanks to them for providing the print page and core code. I have refined it to add the email option and to allow for multiple paragraphs and adding the username to the bottom of the print and email. 

The print button runs javascript which takes the text entry and puts it into a formatted webpage and displays the print dialog. The page title is defined in the javascript so feel free to adapt it to your needs.

The email button first asks for an email address and then launches an email and pre-populates it with the text entry and a subject (again this can be changed in the javascript on the Create email button).

You have to include the print.html and logo.png in your zipped scorm file before uploading to your LMS.

It is rough and ready looking just so you can see how to use the javascripts. I have tested this on scorm cloud and it works fine but I offer it here as is and I can't offer additional support for it! If you are testing locally it won't work in FF or Chrome so use to test. As it uses javascript it won't work in HTML 5 output at the moment.

Hope you find this useful!

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