Print Results when Published to CD

There have been several posts about this however the more I read the more I get confused so I will step out our issue.

We need to create a CD version for one of our courses (this consists of 4 separate sessions each with a QUIZ at the end).

To ensure tracking as it is a compliance requirement we have set the Print Results option at the end and published for CD.

Problem 1:

When I select the Launch_Presentation.exe the print results works fine however when I copy to a CD all of a sudden the same exe doesn't load at all?

Problem 2:

I use the player.html file and this runs the session however (via CD) however it doesn't allow me to Print Results and the Finish button doesn't close?

If anyone has a solution this will be awesome!!!

Also, as we have people who are not computer savvy we try to simplify things and it is difficult when they have several files to chose the correct one. We downloaded a program that can make all the files into one exe file, however this also doesn't Print Results or close the session. We then tried creating a shortcut out of the file, however this has its own problems. If anyone has suggestions this would be great as well.

Thank you in advance

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