Printing Engage or Quizmaker slides


I am trying tofigure out the best way to print off slides, Engage or Quizmaker activities from a published course. I need them for compliance to our SOP and course documentation. I have just used screenshots in a word document but I am wondering if there are any other tricks to simplify the printing process.



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Steve Connell

I'm looking for a way to publish quizmaker quizzes to a Word or PDF document in addition to publishing them to Articulate Online.  The purpose is to give students an answer key to to our quizzes.  Unfortunately, the two Quizmaker publish options for Word are "questions only" or "full quiz details."  Both outputs are poorly formated and take numerous pages just to display a 30 question quiz.  The questions are displayed in graphic format and in text format, then each have other quizmaker properties listed as well (30+ pages for a simple quiz). 

We have 10 or so quizzes, a midterm (110 questions) and practice exam (115 questions) and I can't spend the time publishing online and then publishing to Word to only have to edit the word files.  Our students try to use the Print to PDF feature in Articulate Quizmaker, but this feature is a known bug and it cuts off the questions and answers.  I've inquired about when Articulate plans to fix this bug in their software, but there is no indication that they will be making a correction any time soon.  There suggestion is to use the export to CSV option, but the formatting is difficult for many students too read and many of them don't have Excel.   

Does anyone have another solution or another product that might work better? 



Jeanette Brooks

Hey Steve - I'm sorry the Publish to Word feature doesn't seem to meet your needs. If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend submitting a feature request for a more flexible method of creating answer keys in Quizmaker - our development team reads every single feature request and the more voices, the better. Thanks!

Bob S

Hi Steve,

Like so many of us here, I'm a raving fan of the Articulate products. However, you are not alone in wishing there were improvements in the "publish to Word" functionality of Engage and QM.

Please do submit a feature request on this. I'm really hoping this will make it into  '12 Suite.

In the meantime... Have you considered trying SnagIt and setting up automated screen captures? 

Hope this helps,


Steve Connell

Hey Bob - I will submit a feature request.  Using SnaIt is a great idea!  If you can give me some more details on how I could accomplish this, it would be great.  Which report/output would I want to capture to get a nice clean PDF with questions and answers shown?

Thanks for the help!