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Matthew Bibby
Mary McDermott

Is there any way for someone who is not the learner to print the Results page, for example, the learner's supervisor? And is there any way to modify the results page, for example, the size of the fields and the double borders? Thanks for any help!!

No, there is not a way for someone else to print the results page (unless of course, they lean over the learner's shoulders and click print!)

Am I correct in assuming that you aren't using an LMS? Because if you are, the supervisor should be able to access the results via the LMS's reports.

There are other ways that you could get the results to the supervisor, but they can be a bit involved. Let me know if you need more help with this.

Mary McDermott

Thanks for responding, Matthew. I am using an LMS; When I publish in SCORM 2004 I am able to print the analytics from the LMS SCORM reports function and so can the manager.

My internal client prefers the Storyline individual results screen learners can print after completing a course, so that's the one I would like for managers to be able to view and/or print.

Also I would like to be able to edit that report. How would I accomplish that?

Again, thanks so much for your attention.

Matthew Bibby

There is no way that managers can print a result slide from a learners course (unless, as I jokingly mentioned earlier, they lean over the learner's shoulder and hit print!)

If I was building something like this, I'd likely have the learner generate a PDF (that contains their results, formatted to your liking) which they could then manually send that to their manager.

To set this up, you'll need to be comfortable with JavaScript so that you can use something like PDFmake or jsPDF to create the PDF.

Alternatively, there are ways to have this PDF automatically generated and emailed to the manager without the user having to do anything. But as this requires third-party services to achieve, it comes with both setup and ongoing costs.