Printing the entire contents of a scroll text box

Nov 04, 2015

I've got a presentation I'm creating that is sales call planning tool. Based on information provided by the viewer, the final step is a list of questions the rep can ask of the customer. I'd like to have the questions printable. I've determined that it will involve some java execution. I'm looking for any help to do this. Most of the support pages involve printing a non-scrolling text box or text variable. 

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Ryan DeWitt

You need to send variables with javascript and re-render a new printable page using javascript. This cuts out SL frame and stuff you do not want to print. 

I created one for a customizable print page, yours could take about 4-5 hrs to develop.

Since your variables are custom, you will have to dig into js code. 

So totally possible Robert, you just need a custom solution. 

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