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Hugh Gardner

I liked being able to send a discreet link to someone for an opinion on something I didn't want to be seen by a wider audience (privacy concerns, or raw state) or search engine indexed.  

Also, there are some questions that get asked many times and you can help someone via PM instead of a long thread of ask and tell to resolve something relatively basic.  Especially prevalent in new users who don't search and ask the same question for the 15th time.  Responding via PM allows it to drop off the recent list and reduce clutter.

Simon Taghioff

Thanks to everyone for their replies, the context is really helpful. There are clearly some very reasonable use cases for wanting to contact other community members without having to post publicly in a thread or comment stream. Rest assured this is on our radar and we'll address it thoughtfully in due course.

Brian Gil

Hi Nancy,

You've probably noticed it by now but I want to be sure you saw the changes we've made to the forums design. The feedback you and others provided really helped us evolve it nicely.

Here are the details: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/enhanced-forums-experience