Problem in Hindi text


I am facing a problem in using Hindi text in one of my courses.. Please have a look at the images of the Source file, the Preview screen and the Published output screen.. The area highlighted in red circles (in the 'Publish' image) is the problem area. That needs to look like what is in the 'Source' image..

Please suggest how can we fix this..



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Trina Rimmer

Hi Sushil. I compared your source and preview screen shots against the publish screen shot and it does look like there's some sort of character corruption. If you'd like to share the .story file with our team we can take a closer look at the problems you're seeing with the Hindi language characters. 

Sushil Suryawanshi

Hi Trina, this issue got resolved later today. Actually this is a unicode font problem. Initially I tried testing fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Open Sans.. etc. but the problem persisted and I didn't find any apparant solution, so I posted this in the community.. Next day I again went to the list of fonts and selected 'Arial Unicode MS' font and the problem got solved! :-)