Problem Synchronising Flash movies within Articulate

Hi all,

I have recently encountered a problem with importing a Flash movie into Articulate and wondered if anyone out there can help.

I have just developed a flash movie with a voice-over audio file within it and at certain points animated text appears (in the form of tweens for all those guys who understand flash etc), for example if the audio file mentions the word "Introduction", the word Introduction fades onto the screen AT THE SAME TIME so that is synchronised.

There are several words, sentences that fade in onto the screen in conjunction with the voice-over in this way.

Now, I have spent the best time of a day working on this in flash until I got it all working smoothly etc and it works absolutely fine when I just view it as a flash movie/swf.

BUT..... when I import this into an articulate presentation and then publish it it all plays OUT of synch. The voice-over  does not match the various bits of text appearing on the screen! In fact the voiceover now runs faster than the animated text when I look at the file that I have published.

I have gone back and changed various settings in Articulate such as how fast the overall movie plays in terms of frames per second, re-imported the flash movie with a slower or faster frame-rate. Re-imported it so that it is synchronised with Articulate and then plays independently of the slide etc BUT nothing seems to work!

Please help!


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Frank  Bialas

Keith, have you tried inserting the Flash pieces as web objects?  That lets a Flash .swf file run at its own rate independently of the Articulate presentation's settings. I've used quite a few Flash files created years ago by a predecessor in my job, that I've inserted into Presenter and now Storyline projects. Those with much interaction and/or internal synchronization with audio perform best when inserted as web objects. That presents its own set of problems to master, but the timing of the Flash movie usually works best as a web object. 

There is a demo on inserting Flash as a web object in this string of commentary from a past post in this Forum: <">>