Problem with slide masters

Hello everybody!

I've been working on a project using  3 types of slide masters. I created a countdown timer in each one - using layers and several variables - and I would like to apply each timer to a different scene.

The problem is, all scenes display the same timer when I preview the entire project, no matter how many times I link each scene to its master. I read the tutorials, watched videos but still didn't find an answer!

(I can't attach the .story file because the content is private, but I'll find an alternative!)


Any help is more than welcome :)



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Robin Weggeman

Hi Marina,

We can only guess whats going on with all of your vars and layers. 

Did you for each slide choose the right master? You can only use 1 master for each slide, so if you only build layers, they all use the same master. Use different slides to allocate different masterslides.

Please remove all the text thats confidential and post your project, only then we can take a look at what's going wrong.