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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Alanna! That's weird - we haven't seen this issue before, but I shared your screenshot with our QA folks, and here's some info that might help: Given that the issue is happening across multiple browsers, on text that's styled with system fonts, it seems like it might be either an issue with the fonts on your system or a plugin/add-on that is affecting your browsers. One thing you could try is to start Firefox in Safe Mode and see if that helps. This will disable all plugins. If the problem still happens in safe mode, the issue is likely related to the fonts on your computer. 

Condoleeza T.

Bruce - hilarious!!  Yes, a worldwide conspiracy!

On a more practical note... Jeanette.  When I did the safe mode in Firefox, it displayed properly.  When I reopened in normal mode, same problem.  Weird, I visit hundreds of sites and this is the only site that I have ever had this issue with.  More advice for me?