Process Evaluation through eLearning

I am fairly new to the world of eLearning. I come from a teaching background where I spent a lot of time evaluating behaviors. I am currently a training specialist in an HR department where the majority of my eLearning programs are teaching processes.

I am struggling to find creative ways to create evaluations for the processes I am teaching. 

Any ideas?

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Dave Ferguson

Seconding Allison's suggestion, here's a great analysis of a scenario -- not done in Storyline, and not an HR process, but you'll see how the scenario focuses on decisions and outcomes, which is what any process is meant to guide.

A lot depends on what your organization thinks is worth evaluating, but I can see "what's the next step?" or "which of these looks best?" or "given X, what would you tell Joyce to do?" kind of questions in the scene.


Dave Ferguson

Here are half a dozen examples from Cathy Moore herself to get your creative energy flowing:

In the AutoLoon ethics training example, the personalization is a big factor. All you have at the start is a statement from Ann the client, followed by "what do you say?" You're plopped right into the middle of the handle-requests-for-training process, so to speak.

And the choices are: just sentences. No checkboxes, no A/B/C. 

Each of her examples is followed by a section discussing the reasons for what she did. This is a miniature master class in scenario design.

To answer the process-step question:  I personally am not a big fan of drag-and-drops, so my reaction might be biased. But if I were explaning, say, the process that we use at my organization for our annual performance reviews, I might focus on the outcome of different stages for the person being reviewed.  My thought is that the step is activity, so to speak, but how you get out of it is some kind of accomplishment. So not so much "what does Leo need to do in step 3 (or "in the goal summary step"), but maybe, "which of these three is the strongest goal summary for Leo?"