Product Comparisons

Apr 09, 2019

Hey there! I need to create comparisons for up to 4 products (i.e. 4 different flashlights on sale). I've created a reference table with differentiators in technical specs and price, but I'm looking for a fun and quick visual way to introduce each product and help learners differentiate between each one. Any recommendations?

Video is not an option in this case. I identified some "before and after" comparisons in a past ELH Challenge, but couldn't find any comparisons examples for 3+ items.

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Ellen Hayes

I ended up creating an intro slide where you could use buttons to learn about each unique product (on different layers). And then I included scenario-based knowledge checks which had a "reference" button. If you clicked the button, a comparison chart of all products would slide out for you to refer back to. I viewed it as more critical that learners understand what specs to look for and how to use that information to make informed recommendations rather than memorize exact specs.

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