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Hi all, i am interested in rapid eL, deep interactivity for learners, and work that is multi device responsive especially mobile. I have loads of PowerPoint story board materials.

QUESTION: After studying materials on the site, I just need a final push to decide between studio pro and storyline. Any recommendations? Rgs, Gerard

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Deepak G

Hi Gerard,

Storyline is a good option to develop interactive content. You can also directly import your presentation slides in to it.

But the only issue is, the storyline output isn't device responsive i.e. it will work on laptops and tabs, but not on mobiles. You can access the same content using Articulate Mobile app, but the experience isn't that great.

So, if that is okay with you, then go with Storyline.

BUT ... if your focus is on mobile, then I would suggest an alternative tool - QuoDeck.

This one allows you to create device responsive content which works across all devices, from laptop to tabs and mobiles. It is very light and loads easily on mobile phones.

Plus, content creation is easy thanks to ready content templates and game templates. Also, it provides a MicroLMS which works perfectly on mobile as well.

I hope this helps!