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Minh-Triet Nguyen

Thanks for sharing, though I'm always a little leery of sites with "manifestos."  I agree that getting tasks in one place that's not your head is a good idea.  But tags and contexts can get excessive and cumbersome quickly.  I might be dating myself by I'm reminded of two things: That episode of M*A*S*H* where Radar files a landmine in a folder labelled "BOOM" and this prescient Far Side cartoon:

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

TX, Ant. I was curious, so went to site. Initial reaction, prior to visiting, was agreement with Minh-Triet. I don't necessarily find many of these tools to be that helpful in the end. But that's of course very subjective. I have mine own organizational system that others would find unusable, I'm sure!

At the site, have to say, couldn't get through the first video. Took too long to get to the point. Again, that's subjective. So, I don't plan to try it! (Sounds kind of harsh, as I read this. ... but it was my reaction).