Program so Learners Skip returning to the Menu Tracking Completion, but still allow them to go back to Menu if desired

I have a slide with a menu of topics (buttons) that reside within a lesson. When a topic button is clicked, the learner branches to the pages for the selected topic. When user finished the topic, they are directed back (via the Next button on the last page of the topic section) to the menu slide to continue to the next topic.

Each time a topic button is clicked on the menu slide, the state is changed to visited. When all the button have been, I want to allow the learner to be directed to the Lesson Summary page, rather than going back to the menu slide. I've done that by setting a Show Page trigger that redirects the learner to the Lesson Summary page when the state of all the topic buttons is "visited". The problem is that now, the learner can never go back to the menu slide if they want to.

Any thoughts on a better way to do this? I would like to keep all the triggers on the menu slide if possible

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Tristan Hunt

Instead of having the trigger to jump on the menu page you could have it on each of the last pages of the topic sections. 

Or you could have an additional variable and that if true takes them to the summary page and then on the summary page is set to false so it doesn't automatically jump them there a second time.