Progress Bar code not working

Jun 05, 2017

Hi All,

Could someone please help me out with the code for my progress bar.

The module is attached.

There are 13 slides but I want to count only 12 slides as they are viewed by the user. 

In  the attached SL2 file the first slide 1.1 Introductory Module is not counted.

The progress bar is meant to appear at top right of the frame starting on slide 1.2 Welcome.

I have used variables, but cannot seem to find where my error is. I have created a master slide layout called MAIN Progress bar and applied the progress bar code and triggers on  it.


My thanks in advance,


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Nicole Legault

Hi Carmelo 

Thanks for popping into the community with your question and sorry to hear you've run into this issue while building your progress bar. 

I have taken a close look at your file. I commend you for taking on variables and trying to build this progress bar. Let me tell you that this can be a tricky piece of interactivity to build for a newbie to variables, but you've done an admirable job so far. 

It can be quite a tricky interaction to create, but it can actually be done with just 1 single variable. Here's a simple SL2 template I created that you can look at to see how I did it (attached the file).

My recommendation is that you delete all of your existing triggers and variables and try to simply re-create the ones you'll see in the example file. It can be accomplished with only 1 number variable, 1 trigger on each slide that progresses, as well as the triggers on the master that adjust the states of the progress bar. You'll also notice that you can adjust the "Initial state" of an object in the States tab and I've adjusted the initial state of my progress bar in the example file I've shared. Just good to know for you that you dont need to actually create a trigger that changes the state of an object when a timeline starts, because you can actually just update the initial state. 

I would also recommend that you recreate all of your states on your progress bar and name them "10%" "20%".. etc. You can simply duplicate the ones you have now and give it a new name to save time and not rebuild them from scratch but believe me it will make your life a lot easier when your states have descriptive, meaningful names instead of numbers. 

Hope these tips help you out!  :)

Carmelo Moschella

Hi Nicole,

Unable to open the file. Below is the error message.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Request has expired</Message><X-Amz-Expires>600</X-Amz-Expires><Expires>2017-06-06T21:57:58Z</Expires><ServerTime>2017-06-06T23:17:38Z</ServerTime><RequestId>519ED00A9DFE08AF</RequestId><HostId>G8QuJIZhFtYJ71Opc7O8hFURAH99pcl62LNPLYwO/vz63TFUoBivrrcPAkW3CpLlKGWio/JB74M=</HostId></Error>

Please resend when ready .

Kind Regards,


Nicole Legault

Hi again Carmelo, 

One more thing I just wanted to point out - in the example file I shared you'll notice on each slide you can the %Slide% variable in the middle of the screen. You can remove that, but the reason I put it there is for troubleshooting so that as I click through the interaction I can see whether or not my %Slide% variable is updating to the number I want it to be for each slide. This is a good tip for you to follow in the future. Once everything is working as it should you can delete the reference to the Slide variable. 

Also, here's an article I wrote about troubleshooting advanced Storyline interactions that might help you out next time:  3 Tips for Troubleshooting Advanced Interactions

Hope this was helpful and you were able to get your progress bar working :) 

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