progress bar with built in variable project.progress (storyline 360)

I want to add a progress bar through all my slides and scenes in my course. I came up with a bar that adjusts states which I change through the built-in variable "Project.Progress". The user can navigate freely, so i need a very flexible progress bar. And my progress bar is in a custome sidebar menu (second layer) in every slide.

My idea:

I added a trigger to change the state of my progress bar to 25% when the variable "Project.Progress" changes. But I only want it to change to 25% when Project.Progess reaches 25%, not earlier.

My Problem:

My solution for this issue would be a condition. (Change to 25% if Project.Progress => 25%) Here is my Problem: What is the correct value of Project.Progress when i reach 25% ?

Can anybody help? Or do you guys have another brilliant idea for a progress bar in a custom sidebar menu inside a second layer on each slide?

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John Morris

I think I understand your question.  Please forgive if I did not.  I hope this response is helpful.

I put a text box on each slide that showed the current value of "Project.Progress."  Then I created my triggers using the values that I saw on each slide.

I used "When Timeline Starts" to change the state of the progress symbols.  The symbols and the trigger that changes them are located on the master slide.

I noticed that "Project.Progress" will not go in reverse, it registers progress as absolute.