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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for advise on addressing a common issue that we designers see and also brainstorm some solutions. 

My organization has an old Project Management eLearning course that needs to be updated.  The course contains company specific processes mixed in with industry standard terminology.  The issue I am having is that the course is certainly a text book of information.  Each slide is basically a few paragraphs with an image.  The SME simply sent me a 119 page document with edits to slides In the eLearning, however I have to recreate it in the new software we are using, which is quite time consuming.  I want to address to her that how it currently is will not be effective for the participant in their quest to learning this process.  How have you handled this situation before?

In addition, what ideas do you have to deliver this information to the people who need it?  I'm thinking more of a process document instead of an eLearning course?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Brandon!

This sounds like the type of content that would work well in Rise 360 format. Rise 360 courses work great for content that includes a lot of text and process-type information. 

Have a look at this article I recently wrote that showcases multiple uses for Rise 360: 7 Documents You Can Replace with Rise 360 Courses

Your Rise courses will work on every device and will be quick and easy to maintain going forward. Hope this helps :)