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For those of you that hold a role that is more Project Management based in terms of your organization's learning programs, courses, etc....what would you consider to be items you would include in your portfolio for an interview? I am currently interviewing for a role similar to what I just described and they would like to see a portfolio of my work. I am a little unsure as to what to include. I currently have a portfolio of e-learning courses, job aids, etc but nothing specific to managing my team or the project's that I have managed.  Any input would be nice. Thanks

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Mike Hunsberger

I would include an example of any documentation you have created that helps to standardize e-learning programs. For example, we create an Learning Design Document and a Training Plan for each project. These documents, in turn, guide the content authors and designers in course creation. Other management-type documents may include forecasts, needs analyses, and budget and return on investment (ROI) documentation.

They may also want to know that you have experience in writing proposal content (depending on what industry you are in), though this may be much harder to include in a portfolio due to proprietary information.

Good luck on the job search!

Rita Garcia

Hi Jessica,

I would include a small description of the most important projects, and then highlight the strongest attributes and achievements of each project, those that are more challenging and help to demonstrate specific skills.

Any documentation that you could provide as an example is definitely a bonus.

Good luck!

Tim Slade

Hi Jessica,

This is a great which I've had to deal with in the past myself. I usually like to design a really well crafted "booklet" that is kinda like a brochure about my eLearning philosophy. The most recent one I did (which I used for the job I have now), I broke up into three section:

  1.  My philosophy for good eLearning
  2. My philosophy for eLearning project management
  3. and, My philosophy for good eLearning design

I've gone ahead and attached the section for project management as an example. This has been very successful for me. It allows me to give them something that explains the way I think...AND it something I can talk through with them. It also provides a lot of peripheral benefits...for example, it show them that I can design something that looks good and is well written/communicated (which are both directly related to creating eLearning). Also, for this particular portfolio, I included a CD at the end with several examples of my courses. It's a great takeaway for the employer after the interview.

I'd be happy to send you the entire thing separately (it contains images of my work from my previous employer, so I don't want to post it here). Even if you wanted, I have several extras and would be happy to send you a physical copy.

Let me know!


Jessica Martin

Thank you. These are all great ideas. I definetely have to say this is more granular than what I have had to supply in the past so your input was extremely helpful.

It has been an interesting interview process simply because even though  I currently do project management work inside my position though I do not focus solely on it and instead we focus on the output at completion.


Tim Slade

Hey Jessica,

I tried sending you a private message with the attachment, but it doesn't allow for attachments. If you'd still like me to send you a copy of the portfolio, I can send it to you via email. Just send me a private message with your email and I can get it to you today.


Bruce Graham

Jessica Martin said:

It has been an interesting interview process simply because even though  I currently do project management work inside my position though I do not focus solely on it and instead we focus on the output at completion.


Project Management is just the organisation of the steps that get you to this point.

Perhaps break down the stages, and create a Storyline, or Engage Process interaction to show how you get there - effectively?

Sorry that I am late to the party, but hopefully still a player...


Bruce Graham

I would also, (in fact in preference...) do this in one of the tools I am going to potentially use or suggest, such as Storyline, and an animation, or in Flipping Book Publisher maybe.

I think, for economy of effort, and maximising payback, that everything we do should have a dual-purpose if possible.