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Dec 20, 2013


Can someone tell me if it's possible to pause your project until an object is triggered? I created a bulleted list, and added a button to trigger a layer to display an example. However, I'd like for the project to pause until the button is triggered. 

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Sid Apolinario

hi demetrius,

Welcome to heroes!

For starters, let me share how I pause the base layer when I want to display an object from a sub layer. First off, you can click the gear icon in the right had part of the sublayer, and make sure that you check the "Pause timeline of Baselayer" option. Here's how it looks like.

Base from your description, I assume that your bulleted list is on the base layer, and you want to pause your base layer when the example residing in the sublayer is displayed. If this is correct, you can add a button on this layer, and apply a trigger "Hide this layer: when user clicks. If you do this, the sublayer will be hidden, and you will go back to the base layer. 

I hope my sharing helps. I am sure that the other community devs here have a more creative way in doing this. But I find this as a straightforward approach. Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Demetrius Johnson

Hey Sid,

Thanks for that, but what I was referring to was the base layer being paused before the button is actually pushed. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want my project to continue until the viewer actually clicks the button to trigger the next layer. Right now, I have to guess how long it would take for the viewer to actually click the button before it disappears and the next object appears. Does that make sense?

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