Project Plan Template

Feb 06, 2013

I am on a roll with random questions over the past two weeks. Thanks to everyone for fielding

I am looking for templates on a project plan relating too several elearning modules. I have a large plan (sitting behind the scenes with sophisticated excel formulas) but I want to simply create something simple and straightforward. A project plan that can still show 'impact' if tasks are not complete or fall behind, can be filtered but is not cluttered with 'extra' info. i am in the middle of launching this new curriculum so all phases have past for the most part minus revising the content, preparing for vendor, etc. Any templates, resources, ideas, please let me know!

This would also include the design aspect of the courses: audio, video, etc.

Tight deadlines, more of a rapid proptype/review/launch deal.

Thank you in advance!

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