Promoting eLearning and Articulate

I've have recently found that a few businesses that I have been taking to are a bit reluctant to purchase e-Learning based training. Some quoting that their staff haven't really engaged with it without going into too much detail. However, knowing that none of their negative training experiences have involved any courses created in Articulate, can anyone provide me with some promotional material or blogs i.e. Reasons why Articulate is a better than other authoring tools etc.


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Karl Muller

The key to a good eLearning course is good instructional design.

Poorly designed courses with irrelevant content and a confusing user interface are the primary reasons why many people have negative viewpoints about eLearning. 

The tool you use to create the course is of course important, as different authoring tools have different features and functions. 

This article should get you going: 

Robert McCormack

Many thanks for your response Karl - What I was really looking for was some Articulate USPs that I could include as promotion on my website. As a Neurodiversity Consultant, I have a dual role in my company in course development and SME. Having only ever used Articulate I don't have the knowledge to make comparisons and would like to highlight what Articulate does so well.