Prompt for Text Entry in free form

Feb 26, 2015

Hi. I'm Georges and a E learnin teacher in Venezuela. I'm designing 15 videos which include numeric o text questions in each slide.

Sometimes, when I insert a free form text entry, the prompt for the text entry appears above the box instead of inside the box. I believe I use ecah time the same procedure, but one out of 4, the prompt does not show inside the box but above. Any one can tell me what do i do wrong? Thanks a lot

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Georges Fontaine

Hi, Simon

Thanks for the help.

I have been abble to solve the problem almost every time by erasing the free form and just doing it again. But I still don’t understand the “why”: I use the same font, the same colour, the same box size and text properties. I’m about to think it’s a bug. The funny thing is that the prompt is inside the box when I write it in slide view. It appears above the box in preview and in publishing.

It not too important and I have lots to learn with this program. I 12 days, I hope to be buying it.



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