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Feb 07, 2014

Hi - I wondered how other people go about approaching the subject of translated scripts when they are not quite in the target language. Do you risk offending them by saying that you could proof-read it for them, or do you just go ahead and do the work (I know most of you write your own scripts, so not sure how relevant this is).

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Bruce Graham

If any text was going anywhere near a translation, I would always get a translation company to do the translation, and then a local, native-speaking end-user to do a "business translation", as agencies often end up with clunky "technical" translations in there, which have local "colloquial" alternatives within business.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Cromerty,

It depends how bad the translation is. If the script is translated through a web service (such as google translate) that's never a good thing, and I make sure I point that out to my clients, as it can potentially ruin their course.

If it's just a couple of words here and there I make those corrections on the fly. If there's more than a couple, I suggest proof-reading at an additional cost (I have my own proof readers for that).

Hope this helps,

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