Pros and cons of working as a freelancer?

Jul 18, 2018

Hey everybody!

I get a lot of questions from people who are thinking about quitting their day job to become a freelancer. And one of the things they often ask about is the pros and cons of working as a freelancer in the e-learning sector.

Since I've never worked as a freelancer, it's hard for me to give them any practical advice. 

So I thought I'd reach out to you fine people to see what you like and don't like about freelancing.

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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David Tait

Hi Garth, in my case I pay a mortgage on my home. There's a calculation that my accountant has me perform, it looks like this.

I have to provide the average costs of the following over the 12 month period in question:

  • Mortgage interest
  • Council tax
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Insurance
  1. I then divide this figure by the number of rooms in my house.
  2. Then I multiply it by the number of rooms used for work (1).
  3. Finally I multiply this by 12 months.

The variation between mortgaged home versus rented is that I'm only allowed to claim against mortgage interest, not the capital element of my repayments. Someone who rents their home is entitled to claim against their entire rent. So you can imagine, if I pay £300 per month in interest repayments versus someone who pays £900 per month in rent, the amounts that both parties can claim are significantly different.

Holly MacDonald

Just to echo Ashley's comment about freelancing being "location independent".

I have spent the past 2 weeks working remotely from Mexico. All my clients knew this was happening, I brought my laptop and have been able to work nearly seamlessly. We communicated by skype, zoom, text (I took my phone to simplify things) and I kept things updated via PM tool and email. 

This was always part of my plan, to be able to work from anywhere and I wanted to test it with shorter period of time. 

Arun Goyal

Good question!

well working as a freelancer is good but there are two factors impact the work process like what type of project you pick for work, the irrelevant project creates bad review if you did not deliver good work as a client want.

the second most important thing is that if you are working as an employee in an organization and doing freelancing beside than it will harmful for you because any organization doesn't want it.

so compare your both work and do the same, but yes I m definitely sure that it will be a great opportunity if you are able to convert your freelance work with your own startup.

because you learn a lot of things from the various project and the capacity of a juggle with multiple projects gives you an independent workstyle in different formats whether it type of web or app development.