Pros/Cons to Captivate 8

Adobe Captivate recently released an update to the software: and it looks pretty nice!

They have included responsive design and implemented the use of PhoneGap which allows to you easily push out the course as a native app.

Anyone have Captivate 8 and can give their opinion on the software vs Storyline or Pros/Cons on Captivate?

I'm contemplating on getting a 30 day trial of it.


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Adam Truckenmiller

Thanks Michael for the link!

I currently have Storyline 2 and like the capabilities to it but have reading about Captivate more and more and the features looks intriguing, mainly the responsive design and being able to publish a course as a native app.

I used Captivate 3 a long time ago and was disappointed in it back then. Looks like they are making strides in improving the software. I currently have Adobe Creative Cloud so would be a good test to see how compatible it is with the other Adobe applications.

Michael Hinze

I use both SL2 and CP8 (soon CP9) on a daily basis. Both tools have their strengths, weaknesses and bugs. CP works well with PhotoShop (you can import layered PS files), Audition and now you can also import .svg files from Indesign. CP9 now also offers the ability to add custom states to objects, comparable to what SL has. Responsive design now lets you add additional breakpoints ("layouts") to account for more design screen ratios. I can't say yet if responsive design works better in CP9 than it did in its first iteration. 

Whatever tool you end up using very much depends on your type of projects, and on your personal preference. Downloading trial versions and putting them through a real-world test is always a good idea. No tool is perfect... pick your poison!

David Anderson
Nancy Woinoski

I suggest you download the free trial of both products  and then try to create the same project in each.

I think that's the real key here. Chasing features isn't the best way to evaluate what's right for you.

Don't build separate projects in each tool. Instead, find a project you like and then recreate the same project in all tools you're considering. Workflow is so important and building the same project helps you identify the best workflow for you.

Please feel free to contact us any time for the best workflow in Storyline. Community members like Michael H. are proficient in both so they can help with any "How do I?" questions.