Publish video with transparent background

What video software do you use to publish videos with a transparent background?

I am working on a project where there will be video of a host inserted in Storyline so that the slide shows in the background.  It's a common technique you see around these forums like this one | Hazard Communication

I am using Premiere Elements and can use the "green screen key" to remove the background but I can't get it to publish with the transparent background.  I don't think Elements has any options to publish the alpha channel.  I'm thinking I need to upgrade to something like Premiere Pro or After Effects but thought I would check with the heroes to see what everybody else is using.  Not exactly related to Articulate but I'm sure there are some video editing pro's out there.

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Steve Flowers

In my experience, AfterEffects is best for this. But I know how expensive this can be. The Creative Cloud subscription includes this and isn't too bad at $49 / month ($29 a month for previous license holders for the first year).

Alternatives include Sony Vegas Pro, which will give you an AVI and alpha channel. To my knowledge, you'll still need to encode this to FLV which, unfortunately, is only possible with expensive tools (VP6a). A tool from a company named Moyea is supposed to handle this at $99 but the site gives me a malware warning.