Hey Everyone,

Have a question regarding publishing. I'm current working o a project for a client and producing video in side panel synced presentations. We publish these files for LMS as our client is LMS compliant and we deliever it to them via zipping it and emailing. However when our client opens this file an Error mssage appeaers:

An error occured during upload: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Does anyone know what the issue maybe?

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Justin Wilcox

Can you find out exactly when this error message occurs? What steps are they taking when this occurs? If they are trying to open a zip file, they need to actually unzip it:

However, that error is referring to an upload process so it sounds like the error might be occurring when they are trying to upload the file somewhere.

Natalia Mueller

Do you not know how to publish or how to share the finished product with your client?

Sorry to ask you all of these questions first. I just want to be sure to answer you correctly so I don't accidentally cause more frustration.

If you are able to publish your presentation and just need help sharing it, here is a helpful tutorial for that

Here is the conversation I pulled that tutorial from. It includes some more information that may apply to you.

Beyond that, if you can be a specific as possible as to where you are getting hung up, there are tons of really knowledgeable people on here who will be happy to help

Noureen Shaikh


I have imported an Engage Interaction in my Storyline project.  When I publish it, it shows up fine as long as I am on my laptop.  When I try to zip and copy to a thumb drive and then extract and open the file, all else works great but the Engage Interaction disappears.  Has anyone else had this issue? What can I do to make sure that my Engage Interaction shows up after zipping the published storyline project and copying to a flash drive? Thanks.