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Hi there,

I have made a WHS quiz. The first 8 questions use different question types, like drag and drop and hotspots etc. Then there is a result slide.

The rest of the questions are essay type. The idea is that they will be assessed by a human.

At the moment the poor long suffering human can't see the students' input to these essay type questions, when the quiz is published and uploaded to the LMS. The LMS admin people tell me that the solution to this is in the publishing settings of the quiz. How can I publish so that the input for the essay questions will be visible when the course is on the LMS? Thanks for any help.

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Matthew Bibby

To add further to the info that Wendy has shared above...

If you are publishing to SCORM 1.2 (which I'm guessing you are) then the info the learner enters should be passed to the LMS. Sometimes it can be hard to find it (you might have to dig through a few different reports) but it should be there.

What LMS are you using?

If your LMS supports SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, then I'd recommend that you use that instead as it allows for more suspend data to be stored (so if people quit the course after typing heaps of info, it'll be remembered when they resume) and it will also include the actual question text rather than an identifier (as noted in the article Wendy shared above). 

Saurabh Chauhan

Hey Liz, 

It's better you use xAPI standard while exporting your course. It new and support free form question data to be sent on LMS or LRS.

Every LMS has some limitations, and it creates a problem while reporting quiz. I recommend you to use the xAPI reporting standard and use the Learning Record Store with your LMS. It will help you collect more data and answers to free-form questions.

To understand why I'm recommending an LRS, you can read: 7 key benefits of the Learning Record Store

Hope you found this useful, have a great day. :)