Publishing a Storyline eportfolio - one file or multiple files

Aug 31, 2013

Hi all,

I am in the process of finally creating an online eportfolio to highlight my skills.

Currently I have 4 eCourses created in PPT and am ready to upload them into Storyline but was wondering, should I create 1 storyline file where all of the courses are in the same course and I just create interactions (on the welcome screen)  to steer the end-user to the correct course or should I create 4 separate files and then use hyperlinks to connect the files/ecourses together?  My initial thought is option 1, but checking with you to see if there are any disadvantages to putting everything into one course.

each course is approximately 5-8 slides with text, graphics, animations, and interactions - there is no video on any of the files (only spaceholders for video) - just to give you an idea as to size of each file.  

Your Thoughts? 



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Daniel Brigham

Dana, welcome to the forum, and congratulations on creating your portfolio. I'd would probably insert them into one SL file and then just have a menu page from which viewers can dive into the various projects. Not a bad idea to give a brief written description of each project/interaction. Perhaps once it's done you can post the link here, so we can take a look?


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