Publishing as html 5 and refreshing site cookies

Hi All

I've been working on a   Storyline course which I am publishing as HTML. I've hosted the site on a server.

I found myself in a very embarrassing situation yesterday. Yesterday the course was getting tested in a primary school classroom. I was meant to go in and help the teacher set up the course on the iPads. I updated the site before I went over. The teacher updated the iPads at the same time. :( Only half the course updated.

When I arrived at the classroom only half the course worked. The other half just didn't work. It was a jumbled mess. Even though it worked on my laptop. My only explanation is that the teacher must have updated access to each iPad as I was updating the website. Anyone else experienced this. Considering the teacher needs to go in and clear cookies and history every single time I see this as a tiresome process for teachers. Is there a simpler way to update all changes without having to update cache and cookies? Thanks! 


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Matthew Bibby

Yes, that's correct, you would.

What you are trying to do here is often referred to as 'cache busting'.

There are other ways to achieve it, but the above is by far most reliable. 

Alternatively, you can add a parameter to the end of all of the CSS and JS files to force the new versions to be loaded rather than relying on what's cached.

Matthew Bibby

I haven't tested this, so I don't know for sure that it works with Storyline.

So please test before using in production:

  • Publish your course as per normal
  • Open the story_html5.html file in a code editor
  • Go to the bottom of that file and you should see the following:

  • Add a ?v=1 to the end of each href as shown below. Note that the 1 represents a version number, so each time you publish, you should increment this number. The second time you publish, you'd use ?v=2 and so on.

  • Save and upload.

Note, if you are using custom JavaScript in your project, you may also need to do the same to this line:

And finally, if you are publishing to Flash as well as HTML5, you'll need to make these same changes to the story_flash.html file.

Let me know if it works!

t d

Hi Matthew
I gave the version ?v=1a try. It seemed to work at first but when I uploaded a new version of the files to the server it rendered strangely the second time. I tested this a few times. So on first load it would load. But once I uploaded my files and reloaded the pages in the browser it did not render correctly unless I cleared the cache. Not sure why.