Publishing as html 5 and refreshing site cookies

Nov 08, 2019

Hi All

I've been working on a   Storyline course which I am publishing as HTML. I've hosted the site on a server.

I found myself in a very embarrassing situation yesterday. Yesterday the course was getting tested in a primary school classroom. I was meant to go in and help the teacher set up the course on the iPads. I updated the site before I went over. The teacher updated the iPads at the same time. :( Only half the course updated.

When I arrived at the classroom only half the course worked. The other half just didn't work. It was a jumbled mess. Even though it worked on my laptop. My only explanation is that the teacher must have updated access to each iPad as I was updating the website. Anyone else experienced this. Considering the teacher needs to go in and clear cookies and history every single time I see this as a tiresome process for teachers. Is there a simpler way to update all changes without having to update cache and cookies? Thanks! 


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t d

Hi Matthew
I gave the version ?v=1a try. It seemed to work at first but when I uploaded a new version of the files to the server it rendered strangely the second time. I tested this a few times. So on first load it would load. But once I uploaded my files and reloaded the pages in the browser it did not render correctly unless I cleared the cache. Not sure why. 

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