Publishing for mobile devices


I am trying to publish SL2 course to dropbox for mobile devices. I am unable to run the content on the mobile device, even though articulate player is installed on it.

here is what I did:

1-I published the lesson for web. checked html5 output and offline browsing option for mobile devices.

2- Once the files were published I copied the entire folder into the dropbox folder and shared its link.
When I click the shared link from the mobile device, it opens the folder with all the lesson files. When I click on the story_html5 file nothing happens. I click on the amplaunch.html and I see the launch button for the articulate player, but the players displays the error: Cannot download content.
Can anyone please guide me on where I'm going wrong?



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Fazal Khan

Hi Ashraf,

I think dropbox video is a bit old as dropbox does not have a public folder anymore. Anyway, I created one  and transferred all SL2 published content into it. I then shared the folder with myself and opened it from a mobile device (ipad). Screen shot is attached.

The ipad doesnt know what to do with these files. I want it to launch in the Mobile player.  But apparently the mobile player doesnt know where to read all the files from. 

Any suggestions?