Publishing HTML5 version of course

Good morning all!

I'm working on publishing a course that includes HTML5 files. My question is once I have published the course and placed it into the LMS which index_LMS file do I link to? I see there is one labeled as, "index_LMS" and "index_LMS_html5".

Some employees will be able to use the HTML5 version while others will be not be able to utilize the HTML5 capability.

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Adam Truckenmiller

Thank you Michael for the quick response!

So I need to always link to the index_LMS file? So if someone asks me what is the purpose of the index_LMS_HTML5? Is it if someone does have the capability to use the HTML5 version does the index_LMS page "kick" the user to the index_LMS_HTML5 file if it recognizes the capability for HTML5?