Publishing Marketing Piece

Mar 27, 2017

I have been using Articulate for many years to publish training content but I want to publish a piece to be used in marketing content.  What I am looking for is a easy button to push this material out.  When I publish to Sharefile it requires a download.  Dropbox recently quit supporting HTML content. 

Can someone give me easy instructions on how I can publish a Presenter file and get a single link that I can embed in documents and an embed code for web pages.

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Steve Heinen

Kelly, I followed steps and downloaded Cloudshare. For some reason, the course will not play.  I tried three browsers, so it has something to do with cloudshare or the course. I uploaded file to temp share and it worked fine so my guess is cloudshare setting.  Any suggestions.

I wish you offered a service like temp share or even like Ispring's I cloud to make it easy to share content.  I love the new review, but that is not suited for marketing. For now, I am using Ispring but had a thought that I could use Rise. Just seems like with all of the advancements at Articulate (and they are awesome) they would have a way to publish content for use outside an LMS

Kelly Meeker

Hi Steve! I'd recommend reaching to Cloudshare to see if you can get advice from them on troubleshooting the situation there. 

We definitely hear from folks who are using Articulate Review for sharing  - you can disable comments if that's a concern. I'm afraid beyond Tempshare we don't have a permanent non-LMS web hosting solution for you! But you can always share your feature requests  here: so that our team knows what would be useful to you!


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