Publishing Storyline/Studio to SharePoint 2007

Anyone using SharePoint 2007 to host Storyline or Studio '09 courses?

A customer is trying to publish courses to their SharePoint site. They don't see how or where to insert an iframe tag to embed the player.html (or story.html) file into SharePoint.

Doing a little research, I found this Microsoft article that mentions the Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) is required to add html content into an existing page. Sounds like that might be enabled by the SharePoint admin?

Thanks for any tips you can offer!


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Wendy Garrison

@David -- I have a little Sharepoint knowledge and use content objects to add basic html code on Sharepoint 2007 pages. I am happy to try something on SP if you would like as I have had the request to put Articulate courses in SP and need to figure it out anyway.

 What html code needs to be added to the content object for courses to play?

asif raja

ive got the guys to implement the SharePoint Learning Kit. its open source and its free.

you need to zip the storyline output and then upload it. but if you are doing it directly i'll advise hat you publish it in scorm 2004 or you change the change the sharepoint view to explorer and then drag it to the library.