Publishing take hours when you have videos in the course

Not sure if this is usual or something has to do with my Storyline 360.

Recently, we have been asked to publish all the courses as Videos. Some slides have videos and some have narrations with animation.  Publishing slides as a video (MP4) is becoming a nightmare, taking hours. It takes its usual time when I remove the videos from the slides but then I have to open Camtasia to add those videos in the slides. Too much hassle.

Any magic?

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Mohammad  Hassam

It's not only about outputting video. I understand that it takes longer when you have a course for 20 minutes. but the publishing times get three times when you have the same 20 minutes course but have some videos in it. 

Let's say a course duration is 20 minutes that has: 

Narration + Animation + Text + Diagrams =  30 (minutes)

Narration + Animation + Text + Diagrams + 1 video (3 minutes)  = 1 hours 15 minutes, 22 seconds.