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Jan 21, 2017

I have been a long time user of Articulate and am using the new 360 platform.  I have been using ISpring for marketing purposes when I create something that I want to use of website or drip emails as they have a cloud based storage that is built to share content outside an LMS environment (like marketing or website).

My question is with the new Articulate Review feature would you recommend publishing to it. It seem sleek it is really for SME's to review content.  I have published to dropbox and publically shared link but Dropbox is discontinuing this feature.  SO if Articulate doesn't have a feature (outside  of Articulate online) what is the best method to publish content for public consumption.  I am now using Citrix sharefile.  Sorry this is a pretty basic question but my publishing experience has always been inside our LMS.

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