Publising Screencast videos in mp4

I am working for the first time on developing screen cast videos. My client wants these videos in mp4 format. Can I publish screencasts recorded using articulate in mp4 as my client wants to play these screen cast without internet (so I can't use LMS). Is similar thing possible for simulations?Can somebody guide me with step by step process?



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Adam Hoe

Hi Rachna,

If you record your screen using Storyline, publish your project as you normally would. Make sure you have 1 slide per recording. You should find all of your videos converted to MP4 within the published file:

  • Open the published Storyline output file.
  • Once inside, open the story_content folder. 
  • You should see all of your recorded videos in that folder already published as MP4! Note: The files will have a funky name like video_ab76cd12RB34_720x540
  • You will need to rename the files, but hopefully that will work for your needs.