Pulling test Info into a Results Page

Apr 26, 2021

I am using Storyline 3  and creating an assessment module that will have three (3) separate branches. Basic English Skills, Word Usage, and Summarization. 

I will only have one Results page, of course, but wondered if (on the results page) I could show how many were missed from each section. 


For example:

Basic English Skills (-4)

Word Usage (-3)

Summarization (-1)


Is there a way to make this happen on the results page? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Karen,

It's definitely possible. You just need to use variables to track the wrong answers in each section. 

Here's how to do it (with the assumption that you're providing immediate feedback for each question):

  • Create a number variable for each section, with a default value of 0. 
  • On the Incorrect feedback layer of each question, add a trigger that adds 1 to the value of the corresponding variable. 
  • Show the value of the variables on the Results slide. 
  • Note: If you allow users to retake the quizzes, you'll also need to add a trigger that resets the variables back to 0. This trigger could be on the Retry Quiz button (but be sure it comes before the other triggers). 

For more info about variables, see the User Guide: