Pushing LMS Completion from HTML5 Package

Hi Heroes,

We currently have SuccessFactors LMS as our company standard, however as a learning function, we don't have administrative access to upload/change/test assets we upload to our LMS without our Admin, which could result in a 2 week turn around time per change.

We have our own learning portal that we host and run which, at present, links to our LMS to enroll. This portal also utilizes the same Single Sign On feed as our LMS, so the user data should be identical.

We would like to have the flexibility to upload our assets in a html5 package to our site (or embedded in a rise course) and then use Javascript to 'tell' our LMS when a user (with data grabbed from the SSO log in) completes a training and then its communicated in the LMS without the user actually completing the module within SuccessFactors.

1) Has anyone executed something similar? 

2) When setting something like this up, what is needed from a javascript trigger as well as anything needed to be set up on our LMS side?

Any help would be appreciated, I'm above average at building training but novice when it comes to LMS, SCORM and Javascript.



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Nicole Legault

Hi there Mike!

Thanks for coming to the E-Learning Heroes Community with your question. 

I hope someone with expertise/experience in this specific area chimes in but I honestly think this is going to be tricky for you to implement. The whole reason LMSs exist in the first place is so we don't have to come up with these workarounds/hacks/javascript tricks. I've personally, in past jobs, worked on projects where we tried to track without an LMS and it hasnt always been easy because it can be hard to implement for someone who doesn't have experience in that area. Your best bet would probably be to get a consultant/expert in for a short time to help you implement this, or it might just be easier to actually train a few more people on your team how to upload content to the LMS, so that you can do it yourself, avoid the 2 week turnaround time, and avoid having to implement this whole other process. If that's a possibility, that is :)