Putting navigation arrows on the slide master layout to move between layers

Aug 31, 2020

I have a slide master layer with an exit hotspot and another one for starting over. I would like to augment the layout to include a Right arrow to move to the next layer and a left arrow to move to the previous layer so when I insert a new slide based on this slide master layout, the buttons are already there and then when I insert a new layer into a slide, I don't need to copy the arrows.  Is this possible?

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Judy Nollet

Short answer: No.

Explanation: When you add buttons and layers to a Master Layout, you can't edit them on slides that use that Layout. You won't even see the layers when you're editing the slide. In other words, they'll always show the same content when Previewed or Published. 

Alternative: Set up one slide that functions as desired and includes the basic objects you need (e.g., text boxes for content). Store that in its own scene. Then simply copy and paste that slide into the appropriate location as needed. Not quite as handy as a Master Layout, but it's still better than re-creating all the buttons and triggers every time.

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