Putting slides to an audio track

I have an audio recording about 50 minutes in length on CD.  I want to incorporate a series of slides to run at the same time as the audio recording to illustrate the key points.  I use Powerpoint and Camtasia, but I'm not usre how I could go about my project.  How would you link Powerpoint slides with an existing audio track?



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Justin Wilcox

What you could do is create your presentation and then import your audio into the first slide. Once you have your audio track on the first slide, you could then open the audio editor and drag the slides where you need them as they pertain to your audio. I would suggest practicing doing this with a test presentation until you feel comfortable. I would also make sure you add a little silence where you will change slides so that there isn't an abrupt change. I just did this recently with a really long presentation and it worked out fine.

Deb Reed

I need a few more instructions to sync my slides to a wav audio.

I've imported my audio onto my first slide, and am trying to "drag" the next slide to the place where the audio pretaining to that slide begins. When I open the audio editor (I'm working in Storyline) the audio editor pings - wanting me to do something. When I click on a slide - the audio editor disappears. I've also tried to right click on the wave in my slide - there isn't an option for Next Slide. I'm sure I'm just not understanding something about how to do this. Can you provide a few more directions or hints?

Bruce Graham


Unless I am mistaken by what you are trying to do, you need to split the audio so that you match a slide with it's audio.

You just need to set a series of slides up in Storyline, break up the audio, save each bit of audio to the appropriate slide, and (probably) set each slide to auto advance using the "Gear" icon.