Quality assurance in courseware development

Jul 06, 2015

How do you implement quality assurance (QA) when developing educational courseware? Some people think of QA as having a few testers review the courseware after it's developed to find any final corrections that need to be made before it's put into production. In my opinion, this approach to QA will result in low-quality courseware. There are a number of quality controls (QC) of various types that can be performed in almost every phase of development and even after the courseware is in production. Applying a suite of QCs with different purposes at various points is a much more effective approach to QA. Here is my approach to...

End-to-End Courseware Quality Assurance

This approach takes more time, effort, and resources than just a review at the end of the project but it's worth it when learners get to study high-quality courseware. What are some of the QCs you use that aren't covered in this blog?

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